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zavvie Blog

What is zavvie, what we do, and our Core Values

By Garrett Hickman | July 27, 2022

New technologies continuously disrupt the process of buying and selling houses. As an agent or broker, it’s daunting to keep all these new technologies straight, and brokerages dread falling behind in this changing environment. Enter: zavvie, the marketplace platform that brings modern solutions under your brand umbrella.   zavvie was founded in 2016 by Lane…

Broker Owners Brian Megliola and Erin Cestero Discuss iBuying in our Latest RISMedia Webinar

By Garrett Hickman | July 7, 2022

As iBuying in real estate continues to grow, more and more brokers are trying to navigate this trending shift in business to generate more revenue. But even in an increasingly more tech-savvy industry, is iBuying necessary for brokerages? In a recent webinar, Brokers Brian Megliola, Coldwell Broker Community REALTORS, and Eric Cestero, JBGoodwin REALTORS explore…

Learn About zavvie’s Modern Marketplace Report for Q1 in 2022

By Garrett Hickman | July 6, 2022

The zavvie marketplace combines alternative buying and selling solutions for agents to offer their clients.    The modern marketplace has grown substantially; in 2021, we launched buying solutions to cater to clients on both sides of the transaction.    Of those solutions, Cash Offer and Modern Bridge have seen impressive adoption, allowing clients to make…

Why the Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, and Defi are Important in Real Estate

By Brittany Ware | May 12, 2022

Our CEO and founder, Lane Hornung, had the chance to speak at Inman Connect New York this April, giving a keynote demystifying the emerging technology that we’re hearing about throughout the real estate market. It’s time to separate hype from reality and gain the knowledge and confidence to talk about these technologies with your clients.…

Homeownership Accelerator: Landis Q&A

By Brittany Ware | April 27, 2022

Q&A with landis  Liz Luke Mark Schlosser    Mark Schlosser, Head of Sales at Landis, sat down with our VP of Broker Success and Operations, Liz Luke, for a candid discussion about how Landis is creating a new path to homeownership. Landis wants to help close the affordability gap in the housing market, by promoting…

Why iBuyers are NOT Flippers

By Bethany Fette | March 11, 2019

How are iBuyers — aka Instant Offer companies — different from home flippers? They are the same thing, right? Not so! Let’s talk about the differences between iBuyers and Home Flippers.   Home Flippers have been around FOREVER. In particular, they have been around since the downturn of the market and burtsting of the bubble…

Common iBuyer Myths

By Bethany Fette | March 11, 2019

In the “simple” world of Instant Offers, there are several — let’s say — suprises. What are some of these common iBuyer myths and suprises?   Let’s start with the biggest myth – All homes can get an instant offer.  Not so. Most homes are not currently eligible. Don’t feel bad. In this instance, it…

Instant Offer Basics

By Bethany Fette | March 8, 2019

It is time for a REALITY CHECK on Instant Offers and what they mean for potential home sellers. What are Instant Offers? Simply put – Instant Offers are a whole new way to sell your house. They allow you to sell your house for cash in as little as two weeks, without ever having to…

lane hornung speaking at NAR Reach presentation

zavvie on the Main Stage: NAR Convention 2018, Boston

By Bethany Fette | November 13, 2018

zavvie CEO & founder, Lane Hornung lives and breathes HyperLocal. Watch his NAR REach presentation from the opening day of the  NAR 2018 Conference in Boston.

Lane Hornung from zavvie Presents at NAR Chicago!

By Bethany Fette | November 9, 2017

A presentation about how to catch the wave of HyperLocal Leads