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Verified Buyer Map

zavvie has verified the companies on this map as reliable options for home sellers seeking alternatives to listing on the open market.

  • iBuyer
  • Bridge Buyer
  • Single Family Rental Buyers
  • Renovation iBuyers

Click the dots to see the Verified Buyers in each market.

zavvie Verified Buyers include:


Usually purchase newer properties that are in good condition at close to the open market price.

Bridge Buyers

Enable a homeowner to buy their next house before selling and moving out of their current home.

Renovation and
Single Family Rental Buyers

Purchase a very wide range of properties. Their offer amounts will be lower, but the seller will have no costs for repairs or renovation.

zavvie Verified Buyers offer increased speed, certainty, convenience, and safety compared with the traditional open market listing and sales process.

Agents with zavvie partner brokerages can easily advise their clients about selling to any of these Verified Buyers, and can efficiently request offers on their behalf.

Interested in becoming a zavvie Verified Buyer? Email us!