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zavvie Releases New iBuyer and Power Buyer Report


Nov 30, 2021

Homebuyers and sellers contended with historical challenges in markets across the U.S. this July through September — and turned toward innovative solutions as a result. When available homes for purchase were scarce, average home prices hit record highs, and multiple offers with escalating bids became the norm, “Power Buyer” companies became more commonplace than ever. With upward of 70% of sellers also needing to buy a home, it was a particularly difficult time.

Power Buyers are companies offering services that give consumers more options and financial “power” to buy a home through a cash offer, a buy-before-you-sell bridge solution, or the sale-leaseback; a new zavvie Seller Preferences Report details the explosive growth of Power Buyers and changes in the iBuyer landscape throughout the U.S. between July and September.

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