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The New Bridge Solution: How to Turn Homeowners Into Sellers

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Sep 29, 2020

The biggest problem for home sales today remains a lack of inventory. So, how do we keep the bounce-back from COVID-19 going into Q4? We need more listings!

To create more listings, we need to get homeowners off the sidelines. The problem is that homeowners are nervous to make a move for the same reason everyone else is: a lack of inventory. It’s a catch-22, but there’s a new, innovative bridge solution for brokerages available through zavvie that’s designed to help agents get sellers moving.

A bridge solution removes urgency from the buying and selling process, reduces stress and removes the biggest barrier to selling. Don’t confuse a bridge solution with a bridge loan, however. The only people who qualify for bridge loans don’t need one.

A bridge solution is available nationwide and are flexible, giving your clients time to find that right house.

Two Bridge Solution Approaches
Today, two dominant bridge solutions exist. The first purchases your client’s house with an all-cash offer, then leases it back to your clients, giving them the time they need to find a new home. With the second approach, the bridge solution provider buys your client’s next house, providing them time to sell their current home.

Offering All the Options
Homeowners have more options to sell their homes today than ever before—and they need and want the help of an agent. It’s why zavvie helps brokerages keep the agent at the center of the transaction. By offering a bridge solution for sellers on the zavvie-powered platforms of our broker partners, zavvie makes sure agents can show homeowners all of their options.

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