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Technology Competition: Steve Murray


Apr 3, 2019

Steve Murray, REAL Trends president and real estate expert extraordinaire, shared insights on technology trends impacting brokers and agents. zavvie’s release of the Offer Optimizer – the Instant Offer side-by-side comparison tool – made the list.

One of our favorite take aways:

Zavvie, a company based in Boulder, Colorado, launched a new tool that allows consumers to examine different iBuyer offers.

Isn’t this terrific? This also reminds me of a few years ago when brokers were kind of caught about wanting to have an AVM on their websites for their own consumers to use and what to do, which one to use, and then a couple of brokers got smart about it and said, “Why don’t we put two or three different AVM tools on every listing for all of our buyers? Everybody looking.”

It’s like my house, my personal residence I have one tool that says $825,000 I have another tool that says $888 and I have another tool that says about $970 well, which one do I believe? Now if I’m a seller, I like to believe the $970 but several brokers caught onto the fact that they put all three up.

The first thing that occurs to consumers is, “Well, which one is right?” You get it, the obvious message on those websites was to find out the real number, talk to your realtor. Well, we expect Zavvie is going to take an early lead because they’re well-known and highly regarded.

To listen to Steve Murray’s complete REAL Trending Episode 41: Tech Competition, Market Favoring Buyers, Surviving as a Broker click here.