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Photo of Donna Ehnert

Donna Ehnert

8z Real EstateEast Berthoud – South Johnstown
Berhtoud, CO 80513


Being a Colorado native, I know how special the northern Colorado area is. The palpable sense of community, as well as the pure raw beauty of the farmlands and mountain ranges are absolutely unmatched by anywhere else. I have been living in eastern Berthoud for over 6 years now, and would not trade my small-town lifestyle for anything. As one of Colorado’s most picturesque farming towns, Berthoud and the surrounding areas offer not only a strong sense of community, but also some of the best farmers markets and breathtaking farmland / mountain scenery of anywhere else in the state. My family and I have thrived in this area — my three kids have attended all levels of schooling here, and one is now attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins. My three dogs love to walk the county roads, and love summer days spent on the boat even more. I myself am an avid boater and weight-lifting / crossfit junkie, who loves to volunteer at the local high school and with my daughter’s cheerleading team there. I am focused primarily on the eastern Berthoud and southern Johnstown area, and specialize in the surrounding sub-areas. In particular, I focus on the Pioneer Ridge and Serenity Ridge subdivisions, and acreage properties in the area.