You have REAL Questions. We have REAL Answers.

What the heck do you do?

zavvie connects savvy home buyers and sellers with hand-selected, TOP real estate agents, that just happen to be their neighborhood expert – FOR FREE!

What makes zavvie different from every other real estate Agent Finder?

We believe in trust, transparency, and personally vetting each agent in our network. We are not a pay-to-play directory of online profiles. We’re not a set of secret, tag-sorting algorithms. We’re not interested in average and hobbyist agents. We are only interested in connecting you with exceptional REAL local agents that exceed your standards.

Most importantly, we make each agent in our network undergo a personal certification process. All results are human vetted and their results are frequently reviewed to ensure our agents are not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

How about financing? Do you recommend top lenders as well?

Why, yes we do! The entire home buying and selling process is supremely personal. We are here to help you navigate the entire process, including referring you to a trusted lender and the BEST agent for you.

What if I don't like the agents who you select for me?

Tell us ASAP! Trust is everything. Our initial selection process takes into account your location, personal style and overall real estate needs. We only select from TOP agents (based on results, reviews, experience & SO MUCH MORE!) when selecting your agent.  If we missed the mark in any way we want to know. You deserve to be 100 percent satisfied! Let’s find you a new match. Contact us right away at ClientCare@zavvie.com.

How can this AWESOME service be FREE?

Because we believe EVERYONE deserves a LOCAL agent! Why should you pay for information that should be ridiculously accessible and transparent? Y-O-U shouldn’t!

Then, how do you get paid?

Well, my friend, we get paid on results! When you sell or buy your home your zavvie agent pays us a standard marketing fee. Have no fear, we closely monitor all transactions and ensure the agent NEVER passes costs on to our clients.

Do you share my information with anyone without my express permission?

NO! We NEVER share your contact info -- with ANYONE -- until we have personally connected with you and found out YOUR specific needs. We believe in trust and finding you the single best fit for your real estate needs, not sending your info out to multiple agents in a first-come-first-serve, cattle-call, creepy manner. Your information is sacred to us and so is your privacy.

Real Estate Agents

How can I be a zavvie Pro?

First step is to get certified. Our network of HyperLocal agents are certified based on fully transparent criteria and not pay-to-play.

How do I get HyperLocal Certified?

You must currently be a full-time agent who already believes in and acts as a HYPERlocal expert in their community. We are not offering a paid course. We human vet each agent who applies – and reach out to HyperLocal ROCK STARS we want on the team -- using impartial metrics that consumers trust to certify agents as HyperLocalists before they can join our national network of trusted neighborhood experts. Learn the nitty-gritty here. 

WHAT?! I applied and was not approved as a HyperLocal Certified Neighborhood Expert. Your system must be broken.

Do not be dismayed. Our certification is rigorous! Only 8 percent of our agent applicants are approved. We want to help you achieve HyperLocal domination! zavvie believes in sharing our expertise in building a predictable, HyperLocal business with every agent that wants to join the movement. That is why we not only offer a complete – free of charge – analysis of your strengths and areas of opportunity, but access to our proprietary HyperLocal WhitePaper, research, and marketing expertise.

I’m HyperLocal Certified. Now what?

Congratulations! You are a part of an exclusive club of human-vetted, TOP agents.

Now you have access to our "HyperLocal Certified" and "Neighborhood Expert" branding and marketing collateral. That alone is a MAJOR point-of-difference for your clients. Use them!

The most EXCITING part of joining zavvie’s team is we are ready to unleash our HyperLocal marketing expertise on your behalf. You keep doing what you do best & we will use every tool at our disposal – our black box of HyperLocal outreach and marketing genius – to generate quality, in person opportunities for your to connect with consumers in your neighborhood.