You have REAL Questions. We have REAL Answers.

What the heck do you do?

zavvie helps savvy home sellers get and compare multiple offers. We are arming home sellers with the facts and giving them additional resources FREE! NO OBLIGATION! We also partner with TOP brokerages so they can esily provide home owners with all available offers -- including selling on the open market or to an iBuyer -- with the assistance of zavvie's proprietary technology, Offer Optimizer™ Suite.

What are iBuyers?

iBuyers are companies, primarily tech companies, that are making "offers" to buy homes "instantly". They are paying close to market value and you get to skip a significant amount of the hassle of the traditional home selling process.

What are Instant Offers?

Well, that is what the industry calls the dandy cash offers the iBuyers are making on homes. Instant Offer...Cash Offer...Instant Sale... Whatever you call 'em, they all pretty much mean cash money and less hassle:-) 

How do I get an Instant Offer?

Contact us. Everything we do for consumers is FREE and with NO OBLIGATION! One of our client success agents will work with you personally to get you Instant Offers, guide you through the process and even connect you with an amazing real estate agent to give you all available options.
OF COURSE, you can go directly to your trusted real estate agent or even direct to the individual iBuyers. The choice is yours, but we sure would love to be your one stop shop!

Why do I want to work with an agent if I JUST want an offer from an iBuyer?

Simply, so you have ALL the facts -- and -- ALL your options. If you are getting one offer on your home, then you owe it to yourself (and your pocket book) to get and compare all avilable offers. And, heck, you should have the data point of what it would look like financially and time wise to sell on the open market. 

What if I don't like my Instant Offers?

Well, there is a trade-off in Instant Offers. Sometimes that comes down to $$$ money $$$. This is why we believe in getting and comparing multiple offers. One of those "offers" should be determing what a real estate agent could get for your home on the open-market. Contact us right away at CustomerSuccess@zavvie.com.

HEY! Why can't I get an Instant Offer?

Instant Offers are a fairly new category. iBuyers are savvy investors. In order to scale they have specific parameters properties they purchase must meet. Their "buy box" includes many variables (i.e. age of home, condition, septic, additons, HOA parameters, etc. It is a long list!)
Do not dismay! They are expanding at breakneck speeds and growing their buy boxes. PLUS, there is always an agent who can help you sell your home on the open market.

What if there are no iBuyers in my area?

Most likely -- there will be SOON! For now, give us a holler at customersuccess@zavvie.com. We will connect you with a top agent in your area and resources for property investors.

What is the Offer Optimizer?

The Offer Optimizer is a tool that gives the consumer market specific data, helps shed a light on expectations, and provides access to all available instant offer companies in a market. It is intended to shine a light on the instant offer process, set expectations, compare offers and give homeowners all the facts. zavvie uses internal and industry data to generate realistic expectaions for the consumers when it comes to selling their home.

I'm an agent. Can I get offers for my listing on your site?

ONLY if you are an agent of one of our broker partners. If you are, aces! Contact your broker for details. If not, hey, let your brokerage know about us. We are always looking for more marvelous partners!

I'm an agent. How can I work with zavvie?

Thank you for your interest! At this time, zavvie is working with top brokerages in order to form a fluid and responsive agent follow-up team -- and best serve our consumers. If you are a broker owner in an active iBuyer market and would like to learn more, please reach out to us directly at marketing@zavvie.com. Agents, please let your brokerage know about your interest in zavvie. We would love to hear from them!

I'm a brokerage. How can I work with zavvie?

Let's TALK! We are focused on markets with a national iBuyer presence. This is changing quickly. If you would like to learn more about our current markets and platform, please reach out to us directly at marketing@zavvie.com