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You have REAL Questions. We have REAL Answers.

What the heck do you do?

zavvie is a back-office, enterprise efficiency tool for large brokerages. We're not an aggregator nor consumer-facing.

It is becoming common practice for agents to understand they not only can, but should, show clients ALL their selling options when they have a listing agreement. zavvie empowers listing agents with exclusive right-to-sell agreements who want to get all available offers for their clients, including offers from iBuyers and bridge solutions. Our technology facilitates this process.

What are iBuyers?

iBuyers are companies, primarily tech companies, that are making "offers" to buy homes "instantly". They are paying close to market value and you get to skip a significant amount of the hassle of the traditional home selling process.

What are Instant Offers?

Well, that is what the industry calls the dandy cash offers the iBuyers are making on homes. Instant Offer...Cash Offer...Instant Sale... Whatever you call 'em, they all pretty much mean cash money and less hassle.

What if there are no iBuyers in my area?

Most likely -- there will be SOON!
Plus, there may be local iBuyers in your area that you’re not yet aware of. And, even if iBuyers aren’t active, there are still other selling options available, like investors, or bridge and concierge solutions. Bottom line? zavvie’s platform is built to include whatever selling options are available in your market, iBuyers or not. Give us a holler at marketing@zavvie.com and we can take a look for you!

What is a bridge solution?

Bridge solutions offer sellers the ability to buy a home and move into it before they sell their current one, “bridging” the homeownership gap. These solution providers buy houses and lease them back to the seller, allowing them to purchase and move into a new home first, then sell the existing property. A great option for those struggling with the common “chicken and egg” problem.

I'm an agent. Can I get offers for my listing on your site?

ONLY if you are an agent of one of our broker partners. If you are, aces! Contact your broker for details. If not, hey, let your brokerage know about us. We are always looking for more marvelous partners!

I'm an agent. How can I work with zavvie?

Thank you for your interest! At this time, zavvie is working with top brokerages in order to form a fluid and responsive agent follow-up team -- and best serve our consumers. If you are a broker owner in an active iBuyer market and would like to learn more, please reach out to us directly at marketing@zavvie.com. Agents, please let your brokerage know about your interest in zavvie. We would love to hear from them!

I'm a brokerage. How can I work with zavvie?

Let's TALK! The real estate landscape is changing quickly. If you would like to learn more about our selling solutions platform for brokerages, please reach out to us directly at marketing@zavvie.com