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The Best Real Estate Solutions for a Shifting Market

The Real Estate Market is Shifting Mortgage rates haven’t been this high since the early 2000s, around the time that first-time homebuyers were in their awkward-teen years. As y2k trends are coming back around, so are the high mortgage interest rates that followed 9/11, into mid-2002. But, today’s “obscene” interest rates aren’t notably higher than…

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The Power of a Cash Offer

Cash is King in the real estate industry. New data released shows that roughly one-third of home purchases in the U.S. were bought with cash in July 2022. Does that number seem skewed to you, or have you experienced the power of a cash offer in your market? Cash Offer solutions have launched coast-to-coast, empowering…

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zavvie Modern Marketplace Mindset

Brokerages and their agents are always looking for innovative ways to separate themselves in a crowded real estate market. This means Brokerages need to adopt technologies entering the market offering modern solutions. zavvie makes accessing these offers a seamless experience by automating the solution provider offerings into the brokerage’s day to day business, all under…

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What is zavvie, what we do, and our Core Values

New technologies continuously disrupt the process of buying and selling houses. As an agent or broker, it’s daunting to keep all these new technologies straight, and brokerages dread falling behind in this changing environment. Enter: zavvie, the marketplace platform that brings modern solutions under your brand umbrella.   zavvie was founded in 2016 by Lane…

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Learn About zavvie’s Modern Marketplace Report for Q1 in 2022

The zavvie marketplace combines alternative buying and selling solutions for agents to offer their clients.    The modern marketplace has grown substantially; in 2021, we launched buying solutions to cater to clients on both sides of the transaction.    Of those solutions, Cash Offer and Modern Bridge have seen impressive adoption, allowing clients to make…

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Homeownership Accelerator: Landis Q&A

Q&A with landis  Liz Luke Mark Schlosser    Mark Schlosser, Head of Sales at Landis, sat down with our VP of Broker Success and Operations, Liz Luke, for a candid discussion about how Landis is creating a new path to homeownership. Landis wants to help close the affordability gap in the housing market, by promoting…

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