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zavvie Integrates with MoxiWorks

From Power Buyers to iBuyers, Americans can buy and sell real estate in new, digital-first ways. However, there are nuances to these programs and explaining them to sellers can be a challenge. That’s why buying-and-selling start-up zavvie has announced that it has teamed up with real estate technology platform MoxiWorks, so that zavvie’s offerings for buyers and sellers…

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zavvie Modern Marketplace Mindset

Brokerages and their agents are always looking for innovative ways to separate themselves in a crowded real estate market. This means Brokerages need to adopt technologies entering the market offering modern solutions. zavvie makes accessing these offers a seamless experience by automating the solution provider offerings into the brokerage’s day to day business, all under…

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Kentwood Real Estate Offers New Program Powered by zavvie

Denver, Colorado firm Kentwood Real Estate has announced the launch of its Kentwood Advantage program, powered by zavvie. This new transaction assistance program is available to homeowners and buyers throughout the state of Colorado. With housing inventory coming off record lows and home sales showing signs of slowing, Denver area homeowners are looking for the best way to sell…

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What is zavvie, what we do, and our Core Values

New technologies continuously disrupt the process of buying and selling houses. As an agent or broker, it’s daunting to keep all these new technologies straight, and brokerages dread falling behind in this changing environment. Enter: zavvie, the marketplace platform that brings modern solutions under your brand umbrella.   zavvie was founded in 2016 by Lane…

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UpEquity and zavvie Join Forces to Expand Options for Homesellers, Buyers

There are two enormous obstacles in today’s real estate market: competing against all-cash buyers and the certainty of having a home to move into before you sell. Technology is helping buyers and sellers tackle these obstacles by enabling everyday homebuyers to make all-cash offers and allowing sellers to buy their next home before selling their…

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Learn About zavvie’s Modern Marketplace Report for Q1 in 2022

The zavvie marketplace combines alternative buying and selling solutions for agents to offer their clients.    The modern marketplace has grown substantially; in 2021, we launched buying solutions to cater to clients on both sides of the transaction.    Of those solutions, Cash Offer and Modern Bridge have seen impressive adoption, allowing clients to make…

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New Report from zavvie Explores How Innovative Buying and Selling Services are Changing the Real Estate Landscape

The way Americans buy and sell real estate is changing forever as new, innovative solutions are now available nationwide. iBuyers provide sellers with instant offers. Power Buyers employ “cash offers” and “buy before you sell” bridge solutions for home buyers. Rent-to-own programs create new buyers and expand the marketplace. Presale renovation services help sellers maximize…

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Strategy first — then technology, proptech leaders emphasize at ICNY

Building an effective tech-stack for your brokerage has to begin with a sound business strategy. That was the prevailing sentiment among three proptech leaders at Inman Connect New York’s Broker Track. In a session sponsored by Zavvie and Radian, developer of Homegenius, Inside Real Estate CEO Joe Skousen said one of the biggest problems he encounters is…

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Financing? Title? Brokerage? What blockchain holds for real estate

To its staunchest supporters, blockchain technology appears tailor-made for revolutionizing the home transaction process. This technology’s ability to create unique ownership tokens for physical and digital assets holds tantalizing prospects for real estate, Lane Hornung told an audience of real estate professionals at Inman Connect New York. But this same technology is also a long way off from widespread…

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