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Homeownership Accelerator: Landis Q&A

Q&A with landis  Liz Luke Mark Schlosser    Mark Schlosser, Head of Sales at Landis, sat down with our VP of Broker Success and Operations, Liz Luke, for a candid discussion about how Landis is creating a new path to homeownership. Landis wants to help close the affordability gap in the housing market, by promoting…

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zavvie Releases New iBuyer and Power Buyer Report

Homebuyers and sellers contended with historical challenges in markets across the U.S. this July through September — and turned toward innovative solutions as a result. When available homes for purchase were scarce, average home prices hit record highs, and multiple offers with escalating bids became the norm, “Power Buyer” companies became more commonplace than ever.…

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Landis and zavvie Team Up to Offer Innovative Home Buyer Solution that Turns Renters into Homeowners

Zavvie, the nation’s first real estate brokerage marketplace that connects broker-agents to buyers and sellers, announced it is teaming up with Landis, a company that uses technology and data science to help thousands of Americans achieve homeownership. Landis, which recently became part of the National Association of Realtors® REACH Program for startups, is a social impact-driven company with…

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The Next Evolution of iBuyers: ‘Power Buyers’


The past year has changed the way people buy and sell homes, with new buying and selling options gaining traction in the marketplace. In addition to the well-known iBuyers, these include a more recent category of companies such as EasyKnock, Homeward, Knock and Ribbon. The details of these programs vary, but one common denominator is…

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How COVID-19 sparked a Real Estate Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the foundation of day-to-day living across dozens of industries. From the widespread adoption of remote work to the emergence of home food delivery, COVID-19 forced the world to see what was truly essential to modern life and what was not. For the Real Estate industry, which is known for its tedious…

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Dilbeck debuts new iBuyer and buy-before-you-sell program powered by zavvie

Record-low housing inventory combined with rapid increases in home values provides homeowners with an “extraordinary opportunity to sell” during one of the hottest seller’s markets ever. What’s different today than past seller markets? According to Dilbeck Real Estate, sellers have more options than ever, but they want to understand what all their options are —…

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