Get HyperLocal. Get listings.

Get HyperLocal.
Get listings.

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Tired of running across town chasing buyers? HyperLocal is the best business in real estate.

The #1 reason sellers choose an agent is neighborhood market expertise. HyperLocal knowledge even edged out a trusted referral.

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zavvie generates and cultivates quality local leads. Only after personally connceting with the prospective home buyer/seller and discusseing their needs are they matched with a vetted, certified HyperLocal agent in the zavvie network.

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This is a 100% merit-based network. You only pay us on close of a referral!

HyperLocal seller closes are 3x more valuable than 'cross town' buyer closes. Local listings spin off more closes - nearby listings, double-ends, and open house buyers.

zavvie - Connecting home buyers and sellers with CERTIFIED  HyperLocal neighborhood experts.


Who can join the zavvie HyperLocal Network?

zavvie is looking for top producing agents that not only understand the importance of HyperLocal, but actively pursue HyperLocal domination! 

In order to give our clients what they want most — neighborhood expertise — we vet and certify HyperLocal agents.

This means taking a close look at the online resources consumers use and asking the simple questions:

Do you post about your neighborhood on your site, blog or social media? Would a simple search of your name & neighborhood show real estate results? Do you have a history of success in your neighborhood?


REALTOR® HyperLocal Certification

Are you the local expert?

The #1 reason sellers choose an agent is neighborhood expertise. Yet, there is a disconnect between what consumers really want and what most agents are providing. We are matching consumers with top real estate agents, like you.

There is no cost to join our network — it is 100 percent merit-based.

 Apply to see if you qualify to join our network of trusted HyperLocalists. Our team will review your results and send you a detailed analysis with your results, including areas of opportunity and recommended solutions.

See why the top HyperLocalists in the nation are becoming zavvie pros!


Doug Gieck

Vice President, Production - 8z Real Estate

As a brokerage, we have never seen more leads from one lead source - especially HyperLocal leads. If you're looking to be a power farmer, sign up for zavvie.

krista koth

Krista Koth

Old Town Longmont Market Expert

zavvie has helped my business quite a bit... Clients have sought me out form other states - people are coming to me knowing I’m the local market expert.

luke corbitt

Luke Corbitt

DMAR Rookie of the Year 2017

A local renter saw one of my zavvie posts and reached out to me... we are now under contract on a $480k property near my neighborhood - zavvie works!


Erik Boye

Boulder/Louisville Team Leader

Using zavvie, I'm recognized as the neighborhood expert. Their daily content plus my posts show consumers that I'm the agent who knows the most about the market that they live in.