Farming is the most powerful way to grow and maintain a successful real estate business.

zavvie is the Digital Power Farming platform that delivers a complete system to build your listing business and make you the dominant agent in your neighborhood. 


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Real Value

Build a Bigger Business

More Listings

zavvie pros have direct access to seller leads through a digital social environment.

More Buyers

zavvie’s unique Listing Review system connects zavvie pros and homebuyers.

More Market Share

As neighborhood experts, zavvie pros stand tall at the tops of their neighborhoods.


Real Local

Build a Better Business 

More Predictable

Through its one-of-a-kind power farming system, zavvie delivers a reliable stream of potential leads to zavvie pros.

More Effective

zavvie pros concentrate their marketing efforts on a highly focused niche: their very own neighborhood!

More Efficient

By focusing on homes within their own neighborhoods, zavvie pros spend less time chasing leads around town, and more time servicing clients.


Real Smart

Build a Better Life

Get recognition

zavvie’s unique digital farming platform gives zavvie pros the tools to showcase their expertise and build credibility with their neighbors.

Get a system that works

The unique zavvie system connects you with homeowner and buyers

Get traction over competitors

zavvie’s digital power farming system gives zavvie pros success in just a fraction of the time of traditional farming methods.



Become a zavvie pro

You know your neighborhood better than anyone else in the world.